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Mo Mirsadeghi November 8, 2007 11:29

S2S radiation model
Dear all,

I want to use S2S radiation model for my simulation. But I recive an error while computing the view factors. The error is: "FATAL ERROR: Cannot open parameter file D:\Coupling Provide full path to I/O file D:\Coupling command to execute: "C:\Fluent.Inc\utility\viewfac2.1\ntx86\vfs216.exe " D:\Coupling Validation\2d-solid\2d-solid.s2s.gz Reading "| gunzip -c \"D:\Coupling Validation\2d-solid\2d-solid.s2s.gz\""... You must read in a view factors file or disable S2S model before proceeding.

Error: Failed while reading view factor file.

Error Object: ()

Error: Error reading "| gunzip -c \"D:\Coupling Validation\2d-solid\2d-solid.s2s.gz\"". Error Object: #f "

Some information about my model: My model comprises of solid and fluid domain. So I have a coupled simulation between solid and fluid. Is this the source of error? Thanks alot in advance for your advice.

anderson December 8, 2007 15:36

Re: S2S radiation model
Hi, Remove any spaces in the path where you are writing the viewfactor file. Eg. My Documents etc.. Basically, save it in a different path without the spaces.


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