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Pirooz Darabi November 8, 2007 15:23

Any body familiar with PBM in Fluent
Hi everyone,

If you are working on PBM in Fluent and would like to exchange info, please send me a message.

Cheers Pirooz

ashar_md2001 February 6, 2013 13:01

My name is ashar doing my research in Portugal.
I am new to population balance modelling. I am modelling precipitation of barium sulphate

.i.e. (1) Bacl2+ (2) Na2So4------»BaSO4

This study is conducted in T Reactor where two reactant will be fed through the two different inlet and impinge in the center.
Can you please guide me through the problem in order to solve.
Like where should i enter the concentration for example (1) and (2)=0.1.
what will be my Primary phase or Sec Phase. IF i am not wrong I have defined (1) as PP and (2) as SP. or else should i patch the (1) in left side and (2) in right side.
Also in material (1) is not available so therefore I defined water initially then I Changed the Mol. wt. of the component but (2) is available in Fluent database.

Sorry I know I am asking too many questions.
Whatever suggestions you give will be highly appreciated.

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