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Simon November 12, 2007 21:32

dear all

for a research project for the University Eindhoven, i am studying the propagation of blast waves in urban environments. The first step is to model a free air explosion and validate the results using existing data.

According to the manual of fluent 6.3, i have to apply the finite rate combustion theory, and define all the chemical properties of all the species ( in this case a TNT explosion}. Also the combustion rate has to be adjusted in order to create a shock wave

my question is: is this the right way to go, or are there other ways to model a shockwave whitout defining chemical properties?

who can help me out?

kind regards Simon

Ramesh.K December 3, 2007 04:06

Re: Shockwaves

Try to create a supersonic M>3 or so in a over a supersonic air foil or a compression chanel u get shock waves u can try this so that u get an idea of how shock waves are captured in 2d flow case.

Bye Ramesh

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