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Nicolas November 18, 2007 10:23

problem with axysimmetric boundary
Hi all

Anyone could help me please?

I have a problem with a 2-D geometry, I want use a edge as "axysimmetric", in Gambit is not problem. I have fixed the edges with a symmetry boundary at the centerline and two edges as Velocity inlet and pressure outlet respectively.

But in Fluent, what have I to do?

Supposedly I have to fix the property "Axysimmetric" (in Define--Model--Solver) but when I do that, I have problem when I check the mesh..Fluent say:

Checking for nodes that lie below the x-axis. WARNING: Invalid axisymmetric grid: 1055 nodes lie below the x-axis. WARNING: Grid check failed.

Thanks very much !


Ganapathy November 20, 2007 01:28

Re: problem with axysimmetric boundary
Hi for an axisymmetric problem, your whole domain must lie in the first quadrant. Thats the problem that you are facing. In gambit, move the domain to the first quadrant, or even in fluent, before changin the model to axisymmetric, translate the model to the first quad. apply inlet, outlet, wall and AXIS as the axis. it is imp to have a Boundary as Axis in a axisymetric problem

raj November 27, 2007 16:48

Re: problem with axysimmetric boundary
means ur meshing should be in +ve X and +Y axis shift ur meshing and ur problem will be solved...

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