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fedora 8 November 19, 2007 07:15

Gambit in Fedora 8
Does anyone suceed in getting Gambit working in Fedora 8. Fluent works fine without any problems. I would request the fourum to help.

Thanks in advance.

fedora 8

Vinod Dhiman November 19, 2007 14:55

Re: Gambit in Fedora 8

Which version of Gambit do you have for Linux?

Vinod Dhiman

Ganapathy November 20, 2007 01:11

Re: Gambit in Fedora 8
Can u tell us the nature of the problem that u are facing?

fedora 8 November 23, 2007 13:47

Re: Gambit in Fedora 8
the following is the error (gambit 2.3.16)

# LANG en_US.UTF-8 changed temporarily to en_US for gambit use. Starting /root/fluent6.3/Fluent.Inc/gambit2.3.16/lnx86/gambit ... Gambit build SP2006033020. gambit: xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed.

Received exception: SIGABRT (abort signal)

fedora 8 November 23, 2007 14:59

Re: Gambit in Fedora 8
Figured out the problem lies with libX11.fc8. This was resolved after installing libX11.fc7. I have not yet rebooted though!

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