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Erik November 20, 2007 03:00

Multiphase modeling using liquid oxygen
Can someone provide me with some assistance as to how to specify a cryogenic fluid (liquid oxygen in this case) and incorporate it into a Eulerian multiphase model? I have two phases - liquid oxygen and liquid kerosene. I'm using the Realizable k-epsilon turbulence model and I am NOT interested in looking at vaporization of the LOX at this point. Essentially I have a thin sheet of fuel (kerosene) and I am flowing a circular jet of LOX through it perpendicularly. I'm interested in looking at how the LOX/FUEL mix in the immediate vicinity of the impingement location (which is why I'm neglecting vaporization).

Any model configuration suggestions or help with how exactly to create LOX would be greatly appreciated.


c.karunakar December 6, 2007 09:51

Re: Multiphase modeling using liquid oxygen

our problem is multiphase model. but soild-fluid. i.e in electronic cooling ,meaning air is flowing over heat sink. please help me procedure in fluent.

thank u.

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