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Alina November 30, 2007 08:24

Question about pressure inlet boundary condition.
I am now simulating a 2D blade cascade problem. The object is one 2D blade with its channel. Periodic boundary conditions are used on the sides of the passage. Now I have to put pressure boundary conditions on inlet and outlet. I know the total pressure of inlet and static back pressure of outlet, but I don't know static pressure of inlet, so I use 0 Gauge pressure of the static pressure. However, the program always send error messages. Even I change the static pressure of inlet, the error is always there. Is it important to set the static pressure of inlet exactly? Or what would happen to cause this kind of message?

The message is like "temperature divergence", "pressure divergence", etc.

HaiDuc November 30, 2007 08:39

Re: Question about pressure inlet boundary conditi
Hi Alina,

You have to check the Solution Control, especially the under-relaxation factors and discretizations.

For more information for under-ralaxation factors:

For more information for discretizations:

good luck

Hai Duc

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