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Steve December 4, 2007 01:13

Replacing Zones
Dear all,

I have a mesh which is divided into several zones. I have a converged solution and now I wish to replace on of the zones with a finer mesh (identical geometry). I would like the current velocity field to be interpolated to the new mesh. Firstly, am I correct in thinking this is possible?

I have tried this and encountered a problem with the geometry scale. The original mesh was created in millimeters and then converted to meters in FLUENT. Hence when the mesh is replaced it is 1000 time too large. I seem to be able to work around this by scaling the mesh back to mm before replacing the zone. Is this the only workaround?

However, when I try the zone replace, FLUENT warns of a segmentation fault and crashes. I have tried a number of things, such as splitting the interface boundaries, without success.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received!

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