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Shamoon December 7, 2007 13:44

Multiple Refrance Frames
Hi, Is there any option in FLUENT to difine more than one reference frame.? I have a problem that i have a rocket with fins and Cannards and i want to give a Deflection in cannrads only plus the Side-slip angle of the wole body. As only the Cannrad will move bt not the Fins. means Cannards have Def angle bt Fins are fixed and hav angle equal to Side Slip So i think I need a seperate Ref Frame at Cannard to define its deflection. plus otherwise for each deflection i will have to create a separate mesh

jesse December 9, 2007 05:50

Re: Multiple Refrance Frames
MRF,see the fluent users'guide as far as i know, separate zones for separate component, after that you can set different reference frame for different zones.

Shamoon December 9, 2007 06:25

Re: Multiple Refrance Frames
yeah I know that but its for MOVING Refrance frame NOT for MULTIPLE refrenece frame.

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