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safa December 11, 2007 09:07

Looping in UDF!!!

First, thanks for all who answred me before:)

This time I have a UDF problem :

I wrote a UDF for heterogeneous reaction rate in which I put a while loop that works out concentrations'species as a function of the radius growth of a particle, then reaction rate that itself is used to calculate the heat source. What is strange is that when starting iterations, i found that nothing inside the while loop is calculated!! I am still have a constant value of all variables, then reaction rate and heat source!!

Besides, I wrote a UDF for temperature profile which changes with reaction rate! Actually, all variables depend on the radius growth of a particle which depends on time!!!

Below, is the UDF text:

*--------------------------------------------------------*/ /* HETEROGENEOUS REACTION RATE */ /*-------------------------------------------------------*/

DEFINE_HET_RXN_RATE(PP_REACTION,c,t,r,mw,yi,rr,rr_ t)

{ float up; float flow_time=RP_Get_Real("flow-time");

while (R<=Rmax)

{ C_cat=pow((2*R0)/(2*R),3)*density_cat;/*Kgcat/m3*/ printf("catalyst Concentration=%fKg/m3\n",C_cat);


printf("monomer Concentration=%fKgcat/m3\n",C_pr_micro);

up=(kp*C_cat*C_pr_micro*R)/(2*DENSITY_PROPYLENE);/*m/s*/ printf("velocity growth=%fm/s\n",up);

R=up*flow_time+R0; printf("particle radius=%fm\n",R);/*m*/


printf("reaction rate =%f/Kmol/m3s\n",REACTION_RATE); } *rr=REACTION_RATE; }

/*--------------------------------------------------------*/ /*HEAT SOURCE ON THE CATALYST SURFACE*/ /*--------------------------------------------------------*/


{ heat_source=REACTION_RATE*M_WEIGHT_Pr*(-DELTA_H); /*W/m3*/ printf("heat =%f/W/m3\n",heat_source);

return heat_source; }

/*--------------------------------------------------------*/ /* TEMPERATURE PROFILE/* /*--------------------------------------------------------*/

DEFINE_PROFILE(temperature,t,i) { face_t f;

begin_f_loop(f,t) {

F_PROFILE(f,t,i)=EP/(log((kp0*C_cat*C_pr_micro)/(REACTION_RATE*M_WEIGHT_Pr))*GAS_CONSTANT);/*K*/ } end_f_loop(f,t)


Thank you

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