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Vijayaragavan December 12, 2007 08:37

How to give pressure inlet in Fluent
Dear Friends,

I am doing my project in Fluent,in Fluent software in pressure inlet boundary condition panel there is two column 1. Total gauge pressure 2. Intial\Sonic pressure.

My model is just a U tube pipe in that i want to know the pressure drop of a fluid, say my inlet condition is 2 bar. So in which column i have to give my pressure inlet, and how much i have to give pressure value. And i tried this many times but my result of static pressure drop is showing from 10e-12 to 5e5, and i dont know how to do it...........Please help me friends............

Ramesh.K December 12, 2007 10:35

Re: How to give pressure inlet in Fluent

You should specify the total gauge pressure. 1.make operating pressure to zero and give the total gauge pressure to be 2 bar. 2. at out let u can specify outflow boundary condition

try this and see this may work out and initilize from all zones


sastry December 13, 2007 04:21

Re: How to give pressure inlet in Fluent

the pressure inlet condition input varies from one proublem to other proublem

if the speed of medium is supersonic then only you need to enter second column (supersonic guage pressure)otherwise leave it

the reson for proublem u r phasing due to the outlet condition, if the flow is compressible,

can u send ur outlet boundary conditions


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