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Hari Kamaraju December 12, 2007 16:40

Lobe pump + Turbo in Gambit
Hello, I am trying to prepare a model of a lobe pump with Gambit. I shall later run the simulation in Fluent. My questions is: Do we need the TURBO function of Gambit in order to model the Lobe pump or it can be done withoout the turbo function. Thank you.

sastry December 13, 2007 04:34

Re: Lobe pump + Turbo in Gambit
G/Turbo is just a advanced modelling tool,you can model pump in any software

it will take lot of time

using TURBO is an easy thing once if u understand how to prepare the model with turbo

u need very less no of curves with turbo

one more addin is there for pupm type proublem

"GT Pump" with this u can able solve proublem al most with Gambit only

this addin will come like this --->tool-->addins there u can find GTPump and add the addin and solve and try it

about this this see the manual


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