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JSM December 13, 2007 07:08

flow path lines
Dear all,

In post processing,

Display ->path lines-> pulse

to see the flow paths clearly in the domain. There is any way to capture this as animation file (avi or mpeg).

Simulation is steady state.

with warm regards, JSM

sastry December 14, 2007 10:27

Re: flow path lines
yes there is a way to capture the movie file , but it require lot of memory(RAM)and harddisk space and lot of time

To get the the small file(1 min) need to wait more than two hours,

to get this movie file

The option has to give before starting the iteration from the stable state(accepted error free solution) of the solver,

this is like the way that we are observing the residuals,during the iterations,

solve-->animate--->define--->select what u want

before starting the iteration

then u start iterations

due to this per itaration time will increase

try it

Peter Herman January 10, 2008 18:05

Re: flow path lines
Possibly a much easier/quicker option - Download and purchase the very inexpensive ($40) little utility called "Hypercam" and just "snatch" an avi file right off the screen as it runs "realtime". I use this method for all my Fluent animation captures - even the ones where Fluent's "animation" capabilities are used to generate the motion. You do have to experiment a bit with the frame capture rate (if you want small avi file size), though, to get something that isn't "jerky" (depends upon the frame update speed that Fluent is generating).

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