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Rajveer Kaur December 13, 2007 17:43

Connectivity data in GAMBIT
Hi.... I am trying to link the mesh created in GAMBIT with an indeginous solver. I wonder as to how and where GAMBIT stores the connectivity data of the geometry and the mesh created. I intend to study the format of the connectivity-data in GAMBIT and use it in my solver.

Please help

Thanx n regards Rajveer Kaur

cfd_newbie December 13, 2007 22:23

Re: Connectivity data in GAMBIT
Create a mesh, then select at solver the GENERIC solver option, and export the mesh in Gambit neutral file format. You could read this file with any text editor.

The output should be something like this (for a 2D mesh made of triangles):

the mesh nodes coordinates

n1 x1 y1

n2 x2 y2


conectivity list

n1 n2 n3


I hope this is what you need.

Rajveer Kaur December 14, 2007 20:01

Re: Connectivity data in GAMBIT
Thanx newbie. It's insightful for a beginner like me. I have tested for a rectangular (5X3)geometry, and i m analysing the result. Two things are clear by now - 1. I have the co-ordinates of every node. 2. the nodes comprising a particular cell are also known.

However, I am still trying to figure out if the file has the information about the neighbourhood of each node (like which nodes lie in the immediate neighbourhood a particular node).

And one more thing - how and where can I programme this information so that I can arrange it in a particular format which would be amanable to my solver.

Thanx n regards Rajveer

cfd_newbie December 14, 2007 23:09

Re: Connectivity data in GAMBIT
Well for the neighbors of a node you have to write yourself a program, depends on what language you master this could be an easy task or ...

You could start for example by making a list with the edges of your mesh, then find the adjacent edges for a particular node, respectively the neighbor nodes. The data structure depends on what your solver will be. My suggestion is to use, if your programming language permits, linked lists for storing the data, make this in a code independent of your solver then you could save the data structure in a file - this approach permits to use the same mesh (data structure) for more simulations.

If you need more advices let me know what are your programming skills.

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