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Jon December 15, 2007 20:37

Surface reaction rate

I want to model the O2 consumption on tissue surface as Michaelis-Menten equation, which states:


where Vm and K are constant and Ci is O2 concentration at the wall. In UDF (DEFINE_SR_RATE) Ci is defined by the molar concentration, therefore I have to convert it by multiplying the mass fraction of O2 by density and divide it by the molar weight, am I right?. I think the density must be defined at the centre not the face and in surface reaction is defined at the face, so how can I get the density at the cell centre? please help!!.


saghir December 17, 2007 05:20

Re: Surface reaction rate
DEFINE_SR_RATE(user_rate,f,t,r,mole_weight,species _mf,rate) {

dcell = C_R(F_C0(f,t),t->t0); *rate = /*kmol/m2-s */ }

Judd December 17, 2007 11:23

Re: Surface reaction rate
Hi Saghir,

Thanks, but can please explain more?. I tried to do like this:

Thread *t0=t->t0;

cell_t c0=F_C0(f,t);


but i got this msg "structure reference not implemented".


saghir December 17, 2007 11:43

Re: Surface reaction rate
you must write directly

reel dcell; dcell = C_R(F_C0(f,t),t->t0); or

Thread *t0; cell_t c0; c0 = F_C0(f,t); t0 = THREAD_T0(t); reel dcell; dcell = C_R(c0,t0);

suribabu December 18, 2007 01:46

Re: Surface reaction rate
hi, can u explain about ur problem.

Judd December 19, 2007 08:01

Re: Surface reaction rate
Thanks Saghir,

i guess my problem is in the compiler, I will try to install a new one and try agin. many thanks,

Hi Suribabu, my problem is mentioned in the first post here by Jon.


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