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Virginie December 18, 2007 10:44

Source terms
Hello, I have created a zone of fluid with a negative mass and momentum source terms. In this "extracting" zone, temperature of the fluid is increasing and exceeding the maximum temperature of the fluid in the domain. Why shoudl temperature increase and exceed maximum temperature in the domain ? Hope somebody can help !

sushii December 19, 2007 03:00

Re: Source terms
Hi Virginie,

I was having the same problem but the visa-versa... I had given a mass source...and then after few iterations the temp of the fluid was was because when I specified mass source I hvnt specified any turbulent KE...which could be entering along with mass....! Now in your hv specified negative mass source..i.e. a sink term...! Have you specified some sink term for tutbulent KE..or energy...?(if solving energy equation) When you specify a sink for mass and momentum...only mass and momentum are deducted in calculation...not any other this energy accompanied with mass is add up to your doamain and hence the temperature of the fluid migh be increasing....!

This is what I think...may not be all correct...!

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