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Alex December 31, 2007 17:44

Shockwave in airfoil analysis
Hi, currently I am doing a shockwave analysis on an airfoil with a a condition freestream Mach < 1, so that shockwave would occur somewhere downstream flow on an airfoil.

I am absolutely sure there was shockwave in my case. But I wasn't able to identify the shockwave in velocity contour map and I do not know what is the characteristic of shockwave that would help me to identify it.

Could someone please show me a map of velocity contour map that has shockwave that would help me to identify the shockwave ?

Thank you in advance Alex

cfd_newbie December 31, 2007 19:54

Re: Shockwave in airfoil analysis

Vishal January 1, 2008 03:06

Re: Shockwave in airfoil analysis
Dear Alex,

As there will be a pressure drop across the shock, try by viewing Cp contours, also disable auto options and give some less higher limit by enabling global options.I think this will do.



Alex January 2, 2008 02:12

Re: Shockwave in airfoil analysis
Thank you, cfd_newbie and Vushal. This makes more clear to me.

This leads to another question. Since the pressure drops across the shock, which I can clearly see it from the map, would it be the same as in flow separation caes?, ie the pressure would suddenly drop.

If possible, could you please provide a map of velocity and Cp that has flow separation?

Thank you Alex

cfd_newbie January 2, 2008 13:36

Re: Shockwave in airfoil analysis
If you want a good introduction to the shock wave theory I recommend you to read:

Modern compressible flow, by J. D. Anderson.


Fundamentals of Aerodynamics , by J. D. Anderson.

If you only want to visualize the flow pattern in a compressible flow around an airfoil you could consult the Van Dyke Album of Fluid Motion.

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