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Kamil Sobczak January 3, 2008 12:43

Diesel Combustion with DPM simulation
Hello I have few questions:

1. What data I need for materials which will be injected? I use Wisconsin mechanism for n-heptane in chemkin format. Do I need others materials for setup the injection?

2. I simulate using segregated solver, dynamic mesh, k-e turbulence model, EDC model for combustion with ISAT default options, generalized autoignition model with n-heptane and default properties which are included in this model.

3. What I should change or mark in DPM panel? Which parameters affect simulations?

4. Maybe it will be better to include model of injector (additional part of mesh), which take role of real injector. Something like chamber with fuel hich will be open befor TDC to simulate part like injector?

Thanks Kamil Sobczak

vishal1234567 May 13, 2014 06:11

Hello kamil,

I am also running the diesel engine simulations in fluent with wisconsin nheptane mechanism mechanism with 29 species . but in my case it is not showing any combustion. Would you be able to provide your case file on ,if you are done with this problem.

Thank you

machineengine March 29, 2016 04:58

Spray Development in Fluent
Dear Friends
I work spray formation of DI. I am new this issue. I use Fluent.

How I can calculate numerically Penetration distance, SMD values,spray cone angle in Fluent program?

Best Regards

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