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Cle January 15, 2008 11:47

tank filling problem with compressible air
Hello, I've got following setup: a box full of compressible air is filled with water through an opening from the bottom (pressure inlet with constant pressure). The box is fully water and air tight, so no air can escape; it can only be compressed. Goal is to find out the time to fill the box with water until the waterlevel reaches a steady state. The problem is, I cannot get the solution converging. I am using VOF, pressure velocity coupling PISO, pressure PRESTO and volume fraction either HRIC or GEO. I am using almost the same settings as recommended in "Best practises for VOF models" found on the Fluent website but without having any pressure outlet. Do you have any idea what could solve my problem?

Regards, C.

narendra.gadwal March 8, 2012 23:02


I am stuck with the same problem.
Did you resolve this ? If yes, please help me out .

Thanks !

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