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Kabo January 27, 2008 10:06

split volume
I'm working on a model of ''an industrial kitchen''. There are ducts from evaporative cooler coming in through my kitchen walls. I had already united these ducts to my whole kitchen. Resulting in 1)a volume of the whole kitchen and ducts as one volume, then 2)the ducts as volumes within entire volume. I later realised that I hadn't drawn my diffusers well, hence I had to delete my duct and redraw it. (Diffuser is at end of duct, hence they form one volume.) GAMBIT will delete the volume within an entire volume with ease, and it did, BUT the duct remained as its part of the entire volume, so u can't delete it, cos when u select it, its selected with the entire volume, and will get deleted with it. Which thing I could not afford as I had already united other volumes like stoves, frigdes, microwaves and would not want to re-draw them from scratch. I tried to use split but I still failed, maybe I'm not conversant with ''split volumes''. pls help me. Its a final year project and I am running behind schedule. Thank u

Kasper January 28, 2008 08:08

Re: split volume
It is dificult for me to imagine your mesh/geometry. But you can allways split by a face. Maybe you can upload or send a geometry overview to me?

Br Kasper

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