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alex January 27, 2008 11:47

jet breakup basics
Hi. I need some help on the following topics:

1) Having laminar jet:

1.1. will running transient vof make jets' surface unsteady? will there be any ripples/waves?

1.2. will running steady vof converge to some solution? will this solution have ripples/waves?

1.3. may I trust to one of the above?

1.4. if turbulent unsteady/steady vof is applied to a laminar jet will it supress the "instabilities"?

2) Having turbulent jet:

2.1. what turbulent model is preffered to be used in plain round jet into air breakup?

2.2. should the model be transient implicit...?

3) Is there some published evidence on validating the breakup of round liquid jet?

Thank you very much.

bohis January 29, 2008 04:09

Re: jet breakup basics
I know my friend has similar problem. The jet break-up occured only when there was a fixed difference between the veocity of jet and ambient.

good luck

By the way, you can use laminar flow. Apparently, it seems to be easier to produce waves

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