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bohis January 29, 2008 04:13

cluster - dynamic adaption
Hi everybody,

I have a simple 3d VOF job running on the unix cluster (4nodes)and Linux is reporting job Unknw. Why is it not working? Do you think there is some problem with dyn. adaption (because the mesh refinement and coarsening go through those particular nodes) I do not know Jack

Phil January 29, 2008 11:38

Re: cluster - dynamic adaption
Cut and paste exact error.

Give more details of cluster etc.

bohis January 29, 2008 11:52

Re: cluster - dynamic adaption
ohh, thanks for reply. Unfortunately, the process hasn't crashed, so there was no error message in output file. I had to kill the job, because Linux was reporting Status: Unknw and no data were stored during 24 hours via autosave. That is why I think nothing went wrong, but what? You mean there should be no problem with dynamic gradient adaption within parallel processing, do you?

Thank you very much, Jack

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