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delsolman January 29, 2008 17:18

Gambit: too long meshing time!
Hi I have problem with too long meshing time... I have this geometry:

I have many modifications where I change the distance between car1 and car2. One case mashing Gambit fast but in another case has Gambit problems...diference is that in first step Gambit very fast (in few seconds) compute elements to 500 000...and then create background and start meshing but very slowly and mostly with errors...

Please do you know where is problem?

Thanks for help. Lukas

AAA January 29, 2008 20:06

Re: Gambit: too long meshing time!

In Gambit, use a size function (Tools--> sizing function-->Create size function) and choose the two cars to be the "source" and the whole domain to be the "attachment". Use a proper "start size" based on the size of the car, a "growth factor" of 1.2 (20%) and a proper "end size". Then mesh the domain by the normal way.

You can also create many cars in Gambit with interiors as BCs, each having a separate zone (Zone-->continuum). In Fluent, Deactivate the car you want to analyze the flow around (Grid-->Zone-->Deactivate). This will change the interior boundary to a wall.

Good luck


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