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akr February 1, 2008 05:55

Meshing problem
Hi. I am trying to mesh 3D pipe system. The pipe system is 90 degrees bend which is consist of simple two straight pipes. One end of each pipe is cut at the angle of 45 degrees with respect to circle face of pipe. So one end of pipeis circle and the other end is ellipse. If I connect the two ellipse faces, I can get pipe system of 90 degrees bend. I want to mesh that kind of pipe system. Do you have any good idea? If possible, I want to mesh it by hex meshed.

Thanks, akr

Phil February 2, 2008 11:49

Re: Meshing problem
Cant you link the elliptical face (joining) to the 2 circular ones? Then extrude (Cooper) through the 2 pipes, thus a hex mesh is no problem.

akr February 3, 2008 21:22

Re: Meshing problem
Thanks you, Phil. I will try that.


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