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Carlos February 3, 2008 20:50

DPM - Any Ideas Please?

I am modelling the airflow in and around a hollow box with holes in the side. I have used the Discrete Phase Model to seed the flow with inert particles. It is possible to display particles released from a surface and show the residence time i.e. how long it takes for each particle to travel through the domain.

This is all good but I am stuck with something. I need to find a way of displaying the residence time per particle for it to EXIT THE BOX and NOT the domain. Is there a way with DPM that you can show statistics say in a histogram or data file for particles in just one subvolume of the domain?

I need fluent to track each particle (as it does in the graphics) but to stop them moving once they reach a boundary of the internal air volume and then display the residence time. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. This is a relatively simple thing I want to do but as always its knowing how! Please help.

All the best,


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