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Yogesh February 13, 2008 06:58

Coal Combustion simulation
I'm working on tangential fired boiler simulation now and have the following queries.

1. DPM injection of coal: When I define dpm injections for coal particles, the mass flow rate of the injection is on dry-ash-free basis or jus the coal flow rate as such. Because, I am converting the heating value of coal to daf basis. While creating PDF table, I give the elemental composition on daf basis. But during the dpm injection, my injecting particle is Coal medium volatile.

2. I am interested in obtaining heat flux through the wall. While defining the boundary conditions for the wall I am defining wall temperature and internal emissivity. I am using the values 1200 K and 0.65. Are they fair enough? Or is there anyway of arriving with more exact numbers for a specific case?

3. As the dpm iterations proceed (i'm having a dpm iteration for every 20 continuous phase iterations), the number of particle escaped is decreasing and the no of particles incomplete is increasing. why is this happening? does it got any significance?

Thanks from, Yogesh

maazulmosaid April 29, 2014 08:44

Have you got any success ? please share with me

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