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Ene Nicolae February 14, 2008 05:56

oscilatory flow in a baffled tube
Good day,

I am working on a project that simulates the flow in a tube that is used to mix a solution. The tube has 100mm internal diameter and the restriction orifices have 50mm diameter placed at 150mm apart. I am trying to input the flow using a piston pump - it has an sinusoidal output rate - the input mass flow into the tube oscillates regarding the movement of the piston. I have a frequency of 15Hz and an amplitude of 20mm. I am trying to use Fluent with a mesh imported from Ansys and in parallel just Ansys with its internal solver. I have problems in specifying the oscillatory inlet conditions because the software does not allow this (at least to my knowledge it doesn't). Can you give me a starting point or some hints on which way should I go. My guess is I have to use journal files for Fluent but I don't know how to impose these oscillatory inlet conditions to either Fluent or Ansys. Thank you

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