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BastiL February 15, 2008 17:41

Changing from STAR to FLUENT - Solver Troubles
Hi all,

I am currently doing a STAR FLUENT change. T-Grid works quite ok on our complex geometries. However, solver causes me some headache. We have some quite good mehes (skew<0.95) and some bad ones (few cells skw > 0.99). STAR will run on all theses meshes I am sure. I tested it on one of them. FLUENT sometimes gives me AMG errors wile pressure correction during the first 200 Iterations (steady state, pressure based, simple). This happens on some of the good and bad meshes - but not on all. I do not really understand what might cause this problem but obviously it is not a quality trouble. I blame relaxation factors, initialisation or boundary conditions to be the problems. What are your experience with theses AMG problems? Thanks

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