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Lourival February 19, 2008 16:17

Dynamic Mesh - FLUENT 6.3
Hy everybody, I want to simulate a simple geometry using dynamic mesh and I would like to know if FLUENT is capable of solving it.

For example, I want to simulate a straigth edge deforming in a transient way to an arc stationary, the edge doesn't move inside the domain.

Does any one have an idea? UDF, maybe??


NRD February 20, 2008 10:36

Re: Dynamic Mesh - FLUENT 6.3

I have little experience with Dynamic Mesh in FLUENT, however, I think you can simulate the deforming edge using either DEFINE_GRID_MOTION or DEFINE_GEOM. The UDF manual gives an example of a bending cantilever using DEFINE_GRID_MOTION which is similar to your problem.

Lourival February 20, 2008 13:47

Re: Dynamic Mesh - FLUENT 6.3
Thanks NRD, I found it on the UDF manual and I will do it and I think that is similar to my problem...

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