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aya February 20, 2008 13:24

need help for generation grid
hello every one i need your help about generation grid. i am working on simulation of turbulent flow in complex geometries Especially in curvillinear geometry i must Realize a code for resolve this problem. so i am looking from a program based on generation grid to develop it to my object please help me i am Beginner in the generation grid domain i am usully working on orthogonal grid

RE13 February 20, 2008 13:50

Re: need help for generation grid

If you are a beginner (like myself) I would recommend using a tool such as Gambit to assist you in making a grid. There is adequate documentation floating around the internet for you to learn to use Gambit.

Good luck


Ramesh. K February 21, 2008 01:15

Re: need help for generation grid
Try fiddling ur hands on Ansys ICEM CFD its capabilities are comparable to Gambit but is more like drawing grids with ur pencil on the screen

aya February 21, 2008 12:55

Re: RE13
Gambit is a application software or a source code how can I get it I could not get it from Internet

RE13 February 21, 2008 13:16

Re: RE13
If you are a student your school should have a license... if not dare I suggest BitTorrent?

aya February 21, 2008 13:26

Re: RE13
I am a student and my university has no licence in anything we thank god for the Internet. what's the BitTorrent excuse my ignorance

aya February 22, 2008 13:06

help me please
Who can help me get the Gambit.

aya February 25, 2008 10:51

curvillinear duct
fluent can meshing curvillinear duct

Vinod Dhiman March 1, 2008 09:52

Re: curvillinear duct

Don't use softwares with pirated licenses. There are free softwares available on net and one of them is gmsh. It's free and downloadable and good. ICEM and Gambit have there pros and cons, however, geometry may be complicated for writing a code to generate a grid for that but by using any of these softwares you must be able to do it in a few hours or may be minutes. They are pretty fast. And even for simulation you may use something like openfoam. It's freely downloadable.

aya March 1, 2008 13:15

Re: curvillinear duct
thanks Vinod for your answer i am traying to found the gmsh softwar i hope that it is helpful. but openfoam what is it

Vinod Dhiman March 2, 2008 06:05

Re: curvillinear duct
You can download gmsh from here.

Openfoam is a solver and here are the details

aya March 4, 2008 15:46

Re: curvillinear duct
thank you very muth Vinod Dhiman

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