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Carlos February 21, 2008 18:05

TUI Commands from GUI?

I have written a script file which opens fluent in batch mode, creates 126 points within my flow field and then 126 injections from those points. This works fine.

eg, to create a point the TUI command is:

surface/point-surface b1 0.1 0.2 0.3 (where b1=point name and numbers are three respective coordinates)

to create an injection from this point command is:

define/injections/create injection-b1 n y surface n b1 n n n n n n 0 0 0 1e-06 0

Next I need a TUI command to open the particle tracks panel in the GUI, to show data from one injection but to write to file using the step-by-step method - i.e. I dont want the data printed on screen or displayed in a GUI, I just want to write a file for later postprocessing in Excel. I can do this in the GUI but need to automate the procedure and do it in the TUI.

I can do some of the TUI commands but many options are simply not available! Its not clear why this is so. Any ideas anyone? Have searched the web but found nothing useful. Any help will be greatly appreciated - this could save me months!!



BastiL February 24, 2008 05:35

Re: TUI Commands from GUI?

what commands are you exactly missing in TUI? You can try following: Open cas-File, perform GUI-command where you want to find out TUI command and save cas-File with new name. Afterwards compare these two case files, this should give you the needed TUI command(s) as only differences.


Carl Andrew Gilkeson February 24, 2008 07:50

Re: TUI Commands from GUI?
Hi BastiL,

Thank you for your response! Basically this is what I want the TUI to do:

1) Open particle tracks panel - no problem 2) Select the injection from which to release particle - this is the next thing to come up, again no problem. 3) Colour particles by residence time - no problem. Then it asks for min and max values - I don't use these when operating GUI!! At this point the TUI just displays the particle track - I DONT want this! The missing commands are:

4) Select write to file tab. 5) Select step-by-step method of calculation. 6) Select folder to write the .part file. 7) Save data. 8) Repeat steps 1-7 again for a different particle another 125 times.

The problem is BastiL that commands 4-8 just are not there! The TUI just doesn't give you these options at any stage and I'm pulling me hair out! I tried using a Journal to record my GUI steps and then find out what the commands were but there is no record of them!

When you say compare 2 case files before and after, how do you compare them? Is there a way to access the commands to I can figure out the TUI's?

The whole point of this idea is just to save time and automate the process of obtaining many data files from corresponding points. I spent a WEEK getting the data manually last week and of course it is easy to make errors in this way.

You will be a life saver if you can help, I'm sure there is a way otherwise this is a pretty flawed program in this regard!



JSM February 25, 2008 07:30

Re: TUI Commands from GUI?

In TUI interface, if you want to give default values(like max, min) you can use "," (comma) in the journal file. Try with this.

Hope it will help you

with regards, JSM

Carlos February 28, 2008 07:25

Re: TUI Commands from GUI?
Thanks fellas. I got help from fluent support and to get the commands for writing the step-by-step method:

display/set/particle-tracks/report-type/step display/set/particle-tracks/report-to/file

also, if running automatically, you need to tell it not to display to screen if its in batch mode:

display/set/particle-tracks/display no

Hope this helps anybody in future....


3DmaniacSLDWRKS January 3, 2012 21:26

Tnx for sharing

asal May 22, 2013 18:05


I have a similar problem as you had. I want to set the report type as summery.
So I do this:
display set particle-tracks report-type summary
and then:
display particle-tracks particle-tracks particle-resid-time
But I didn't got the summery, I got the same results as the
report-type off

any idea to how to got the summery ?

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