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kunal February 25, 2008 14:10

heat conduction in solid and convection in flow
hi flow is my problem description

i need to simulate the transient heat transfer over a thin acrylic plate (height x length along flow x thickness = 100 x 200 x 5 mm) placed at the center of a channel (closed from all 4 sides with acrylic walls). inner cross-section of the channel is 32x100mm. thickness of the acrylic plates is 6.25 mm.

now hot air at a predecided temperature flows over the plate and the plate temperature rises due to convection and as a result the heat flows into the acrylic material through conduction.

I want to employ the symmetry condition at the center of the channel and center of plate (cut half in thickness)? also there is long entry section for the air to ensure that the flow is fully developed.

the boundary condition for the channel wall is constant room temperature on the outside of the channel wall.

how to model this problem in gambit in order to apply a wall condition for flow in gambit on the inside of the channel wall and a constant temp condition on the outside of the channel wall in order to simulate the wall conduction and convection inside the test section (i.e. section with the plate)

how to differentiate between the solid volume and the fluid volume for meshing and giving boundary conditions in gambit?

kunal February 25, 2008 19:09

Re: heat conduction in solid and convection in flo
hi all

does any one have tutorials on shell conduction in fluent?

kunal February 26, 2008 17:51

Re: heat conduction in solid and convection in flo
hi all again, only i am replying to my problem. please folks reply to me

my problem is actually a conjugate heat transfer one with convection on the plate surface due to flow of hot air over it and conduction through the plate which forms one of the wall boundaries for the flow

please reply if anyone has an idea about tutorial on this or just let me know where exactly to start from

10mmet21 February 29, 2012 05:42

Freezing of an ice cream
Dear all,

I am Working On an interesting M. Tech Project. Description is discussed bellow.

It is a Two phase problem in which convection takes place through air flowing outside and conduction in the ice cream. Further description is given bellow.

1 litter rectangular Ice cream packet is placed in air blast freezer.
Air is flowing at the velocity of 2.5 m/s. from one side of rectangular duct and leave at the other end of the freezer. It flows over the Rectangular ice cream box. The Temperature of an air is (-30 C)

Initial Temperature of an ice cream is (-4 C)
initial freezing temperature is (-5.6 C)
specific heat above freezing point is 3.22 kJ/Kg K and bellow freezing Point is 2.74Kj/kg K
latent heat of fusion is 204 kj/kg
density 550 kg/cubic meter
conductivity of unfrozen ice cream is 0.518 w/m K and frozen ice cream is 1.8203 w/m k

I have to find that what time will it take to reach the center temperature of an ice cream to (-18 C)

Air properties are available. heat transfer coefficient h=15 w/m2*K

conductivity of an ice cream box which is made up of paper can be taken as 0.05 w/m k. Thickness of wraper is 0.5 mm.

If any one has related tutorial of freezing then please send it to me or upload on the forum.

I wanted to plot graph of Temperature vs time as an Output.

Please Help me.

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