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Shim February 27, 2008 05:55

Am i right? porous jump drag force

Usually, when we want to see the drag force on the wall, can use Refort-->Forces... But porous jump zone is different. it can plot only wall zones. I want to see the drag forces circluar porous zone at 2D and 3D. Some people say that can see using Report->Surface Integals. But I don't know how calcuate the pressure difference at Custom Field Functions. How can manage to pressure differece on the surface of circlar porous area.... ??? So~~, This is my way to calculate the forces at porous zones how Define --> Boundary Condition --> porous-jump change to wall after finish iteration. and then can see the force value at Report-Fores... Is that way is corret or not?? Just give the answer YES or NO.


chocolater September 9, 2013 16:04

hi shim
was u right?
Are u know now? how can calculate the drag of a porous zone (or porous jump) in FLUENT? Fluent just calculate drag of walls, and porous is not a wall.

Heini August 25, 2014 09:33

Also interested in this subject. Did you find a solution to it?

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