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vishal February 27, 2008 07:10

would like to get a link to a C program
hi pls post ur suggestions reg my question The work which i am dealing is regarding automating the process of calculating the overall heat transfer coefficient for a mini heat exchanger.Mini heat exchanger is a single shell and tube heat exchanger, where the hot fluid flow in tube and cold fluid on shell side is chosen. The problem with having a sigle value od U is that the stated flow values are never acheived practically.The problem has been has been addressed by considering a range of velocity inlet values.T he average u VAlue is then calculated. the entire procedure when done manually it is tiresome and prone to manual errors.This aspect has been taken into account and automated with the help of a coding written in C language . the coding retrives the values ,that the user gives the inlet values at boundary condition panel.

now my question is what is the link which i need to give in the C program so that it takes the values from the boundary codition panel.....the address of the values are required _________________

RE13 February 28, 2008 09:56

Re: would like to get a link to a C program
I think you can use RP_Get_Real to retrieve scheme panel entries

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