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Shim February 29, 2008 11:31

Answer Yes or No.

FLUENT can plot the Drag force as belows In case of circular cylinder.

1. Monitor--Forces..

2. Refort--> Forcse..

3. UDF

4. Surface Integrals using Costoms Flied Funtions where pressure difference on the surface of circular cylinder. Drag force = pressure force + viscous force pressure force = intergral (static pressure - pressure coefficent) at circular surface. viscous force = Wall Fluxes--> X-wall shear Stress

5. Moment difference between inlet and oulet.

Force = sum(Velocity inlet*density*Projected area*Vin)

- sum(Velocity inlet*density*Projected area*Vout)

Am i right??? YES or NO.

Thank you very much for your answer.

And. One more, If cylinder wall is not wall. it mean is porous-jump... How can get the Force on the surface of porous cylinder.

Best regards Shim.

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