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Ian March 5, 2008 13:35

Boundary layers in Gambit
I am having trouble meshing 3D boundary layers in Gambit. The geometry I am working with is the carotid artery bifurcation from a human neck. I have one flow inlet and two outlets, and each inlet/outlet is planar and roughly circular. The entire geometry is a sort of Y-shaped tube. I can create 4-row boundary layers at the inlets and outlets, but when I use the "View 3D Boundary Layer" tool in Gambit, my boundary layers will not even appear in the selection list and cannot be added by shift-left-clicking on them. Does anyone know why they cannot be added to the list?

Undeterred by this setback, I meshed the entire volume using the TGrid scheme and quad paved surface meshes. When I examine the final 3D mesh , my boundary layers essentially disappear just one element away from my inlet and outlet faces--they do not propagate throughout the geometry like I would expect. I suspect that Gambit's refusal to let me preview my boundary layers and its failure to mesh them throughout the model are related. Does anybody have any suggestions?


Aidan March 5, 2008 17:58

Re: Boundary layers in Gambit
When you are using the Create Boundary Layer panel did you set selction to face instead of edge? It sounds like you just selected the edges at the inlet instead of the faces for 3D boundary layers

Ian March 5, 2008 18:30

Re: Boundary layers in Gambit
Thanks, Aidan--you are exactly right about my problem. I was attaching the boundary layers to edges, so I wasn't creating any 3D boundary layers at all. Switching to faces was the solution. I can't even tell you how many frustrated hours I have spent mistakenly trying to attach boundary layers to edges...

emad March 3, 2012 10:54

Dear Ian
I would like to send me your journal file to create 3D carotid artery bifurcation geometry in Gambit because I very trial to create this geometry. please help me

Many thank
Best regards

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