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Mark March 12, 2008 18:57

Fluent, Grid Builing Issue

I'm trying to model the flow around around a wing mirror. I've taken the geometry in gambit, created a volume around it and subtracted the mirror geometry from it. I then mesh it and export the mesh for use in Fluent. When i read the mesh in Fluent i get an error stating "Building...

grid, Cell Centroid is xc 3815.967859 yc -975.544274 zc 975.307203 WARNING: cell 2932552 of thread 2 has NULL face pointer 3.Error: Build_Grid: grid error.

Clearing partially read grid" and "Null Domain Pointer" i was wondering if anyone can shed a light on what this means.


Dave March 13, 2008 10:51

Re: Fluent, Grid Builing Issue
I have had an error similar to this before where Gambit did not export the entire mesh because the hard disc was full.

Mark March 13, 2008 11:49

Re: Fluent, Grid Builing Issue
Hmm. I don't think thats my problem. :(

Vinod Dhiman March 14, 2008 03:44

Re: Fluent, Grid Builing Issue
Did you check the quality of grid? Just check if it has some negative elements because NULL DOMAIN POINTER comes usually in that case.

CheeOnn March 14, 2008 16:24

Re: Fluent, Grid Builing Issue
you should check to make sure no duplicate edges on the geom.

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