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Alvinsen March 13, 2008 09:07

2D modeling of heart Left Ventricle using Gambit?
Hi folks,

Sorry, but I'm a complete noob in gambit and fluent.

But I am trying to model 2D of heart left ventricle in Gambit. Can anyone advise how should I go about creating mesh geometry in Gambit and specifying the boundaries?

Hence I can import them into Fluent?

Thanks a lot people.

regards AL

Vinod Dhiman March 14, 2008 03:51

Re: 2D modeling of heart Left Ventricle using Gamb
Process is something like this. Create a geometry in any software whose file can be imported into Gambit or create it in Gambit itself but if geometry is complex, gambit is not a good option.

Then check for various interfaces, in 2d case, curves, connect them and then mesh the geometry.

Then you should know which are walls, which are inlets, which are outlets, and which are the surfaces or curves where you may need data after simulation in fluent is done. Tag them, that means give them some name.

You can tag various fluid zones, too, if you want little more flexibility in controlling fluid characteristics.

Then export mesh and import it in fluent, before exporting, check the quality. Equiangle skew should be less than 0.9 else Fluent will crib.

Alvinsen March 14, 2008 07:21

Re: 2D modeling of heart Left Ventricle using Gamb
Hi Vinod,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Really appreciate it a lot.

I have tried out some basic Gambit and Fluent tutorials. Is it possible to have only inlet and no outlet and no inlet but only inlet? There are 2 modeling I am going to do, 1st model of end systole phase where blood is ejected out thru the aorta (max contraction) and 2nd model of end diastole phase where blood is injected via mittal valve (max expansion).

Vinod Dhiman March 14, 2008 15:21

Re: 2D modeling of heart Left Ventricle using Gamb
That is possible, however, what is entering inside has to be consumed somehow else it will keep on increasing inside and there will be no space left for more entry. But yes, you can do it

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