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Fabio March 13, 2008 16:55

Symmetric condition
Quick question,

I splitted a cylinder into a 90 degree model and I run a 3D simulation. So the splitted faces has symmetric bc. So, when fluent gives me the volume flow rate it is for the whole model or just for the 90 degree mod?


Scott March 15, 2008 07:33

Re: Symmetric condition

Surely you can do some hand calcs to check this?

I haven't looked at you problem obviously, but I think you should be using periodic boundary conditions, not symmetry. Symmetry would work for a 180 degree model.



red lemon March 16, 2008 18:24

Re: Symmetric condition
The flow rate is just for the sector alone and not the full thing. Unless you can guarantee no swirl down the pipe, use periodic zones instead of symmetry.

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