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Sellyg March 13, 2008 23:30

coupled (thermal analysis)
Dear All,

I have searched the forums already and didn't find the solution to the problem I am having.

We want to evaluate the thermal conduction in the wall of the one cylinder (there is fluid moving into cylinder) On the external wall I specified temperature, both what bc I most use the internal wall?


selvag March 14, 2008 04:32

Re: coupled (thermal analysis)
hi, you can specify the internal wall (wall which shares solid and fluid) as coupled. first you need to change that shell from interior to wall then in bc panel u can choose coupled. it will automatically take the value.

Sellyg March 15, 2008 16:11

Re: coupled (thermal analysis)
Hi, I don't know to do what you wrote. Help me. change that shell from interior to wall...

selvag March 17, 2008 23:54

Re: coupled (thermal analysis)
the face which is in between solid-solid or solid-liquid will appear as interior in bc panel. you need to change that face from interior to wall and wall sub panel will open and choose coupled and click ok. now you will get one more face in the same name+shadow. hope it will help

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