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Ant March 25, 2008 01:48

Oxy Fuel combustion
Hi Guys,

I am modeling different types of industrial combustion cases where we use pure oxygen as oxidant.

We get decent results with equilibrium assumption using PDF model. However for more complex situations where we have two oxidants or two fuels (second fuel being of low calorific value and slow to combust) and for flameless combustion equilibrium assumption does not hold good.

I am trying some custom kinetics using some dissociation reactions which should predict proper temperature using EDM +FRC. I am having a hard time getting this case to converge. After running for a long time I see that the mixture fails to ignite and very often I temperature exceeds 5000 K away from the region of the flame.

Any experience with oxy-fuel combustion and help with convergence issues of FRC model would be highly appreciated.

Regards, Ant

Djamel March 31, 2008 06:43

Re: Oxy Fuel combustion
i work with fluent and specilly with pdf model in the combustion . you can send me a message think you

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