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george March 26, 2008 01:22

import mesh from CFX
Hi all! I'm new at FLUENT. Could you give me advice? I can't import mesh from CFX (File\Import\CFX\Def. file). What do you recommend? Message is following. 'Error: bad syntax. Usage: utility fe2ram dimension read_format zoning write_format [inputfile [outputfile]]

dimension: [-d2 | -d3 | -surface]

read_format: [-tANSYS | -tCFX | -tCGNS | -tFIDAP7 | -tFLUENT4 |



-tPLOT3DF | -tPLOT3DFI | -tPROE | -tRAMPANT | -tSTAR16 |

-tSTL | -tYAMS | -tFTL | -tVRML | -tWAVEFRONT |

-tGAF | -tTECPLOT] zoning: [-zGROUP | -zID | -zPRESSURE | -zTEMPERATURE | -zNONE]

default is -zGROUP.

write_format: [-oFIDAP7 | -oRAMPANT]


grid, Error: Null Domain Pointer'

Ant March 26, 2008 06:45

Re: import mesh from CFX
What version of Fluent are you using? There is an option in the Fluent-Beta (12.0.3) to import cfx definition file. I do not have the beta version installed on my machine so have not tried this option

If you have ICEM, you can import CFD "gtm" or "def" file into ICEM and export the same as Fluent "msh" file.

Regards, Ant

george March 26, 2008 08:34

Re: import mesh from CFX
6.3.26 Good idea! It works. Thanks'!

Laurenjiongo March 31, 2008 05:48

Re: import mesh from CFX
Dear George/Ant,

I have a similar problem, but in the opposite direction: I'am more confortable meshing in Gambit (Fluent) than in Icem. But I need to perform simulations in CFX. So I wandered if I could convert *.mesh files into *.gtm without problems.

Thanks for your answer.


P.S Sorry for my english.

George April 2, 2008 00:45

Re: import mesh from CFX
Hi, Laurenjiongo! Direct path. In CFX: File/Import Mesh/File type=FLUENT You can also try following. In ICEM: File/Import Mesh/From Fluent Output tab/Select solver/Output solver=ANSYS CFX Output tab/Write Input In CFX: File/Import Mesh/File type=ICEM CFD

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