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BS March 26, 2008 19:53

Fluent UDF: Thru external input
Hi Fluent users: Is it possible to create a UDF that will accept external input from a file (a table)? For example, if i wish to supply value of momentum source for each cell in the mesh at each time step by reading from a table whose structure may be a matrix like this:

cell t1 t2 t3

1 4 2 3

2 1 5 7

3 1 4 3

In this table, for cell #1 in the mesh, the source takes values 4,5,7 at time steps 1,2,3. The same for cells #2 and #3. In this table, # of time steps = #columns - 1 and each time step, source term value will change as given in the table.

I'd like to program this within the UDF itself. Or, I'd need to deactivate the time step input in the menu and program the time loop using "i" or "j" within the UDF itself. Is this possible?

Your comments are very welcome. Thanks very much.

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