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ASHLEY April 3, 2008 12:03

Matlab programming for Fluent study case
Well..i am doing a project to study the wind flow and around a AUTOMOBILE ROTATING WHEEL...the catch is that i can do the analysis in fluent.However my professor wants to write a algorithm in MATLAB and run the program to study this flow effect..i have no clue how to do it...if any1 can help me with matlab, that would be really problem is stated below

Diameter of wheel =400 mm Width of the wheel=200 mm Contact length with road=50 mm Length of wind tunnel= 5.5 mm Height of wind tunnel=2.2 mm Width of wind tunnel=4.8 mm Inlet Air velocity=20 m/s (45mph) Outlet Pressure= 0 atmp Rotational speed of wheel=100 rad/s( 954 rpm) Velocity of the road= 20 m/s (45 mph)

please give ur responses freely...thanks in advance

zhaoqianyong April 5, 2008 13:17

Re: Matlab programming for Fluent study case
I want to learn more about matlab!

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