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manu April 4, 2008 14:50

export mesh to GAMBIT
How can we export a complete mesh that can be imported in GAMBIT from a .cas and .dat file?

mAx April 7, 2008 02:06

Re: export mesh to GAMBIT
File/Import/Mesh --> Type Fluent

manu April 7, 2008 04:49

Re: export mesh to GAMBIT
Do you mean import a .cas file? Yes I've already tried but it doesn't work. I get am error: Gambit is unable to open...

Don't we need to export the fluent grid in a .msh or dbs file??? so that it can be read in Gambit

Please help me.

mAx April 7, 2008 05:13

Re: export mesh to GAMBIT
no you can't export in *.msh or *.dbs how did you import the mesh file into fluent?

manu April 7, 2008 06:34

Re: export mesh to GAMBIT
I suppose with a .dbs or .msh file from Gambit... The point is that I don't know because I took directly a .cas and .dat file from a colleague who doesn't work in my office anymore and nobody knows where the Gambit grid is... Now I'd like to know how to import this grid in Gambit again from a .cas file to modify it...

mAx April 7, 2008 07:30

Re: export mesh to GAMBIT
ok, I create a simple cube in gambit, and I meshed it and exported it in hexa, tetra, tetra-hexcore and I converted also the last one with "tpoly" utility. I could re-import the *.cas in Gambit for hexa, and tetra meshes. With the 2 others, it is not possible, because of the hanging-nodes , and/or polyedral cells. So I assume your mesh contains hanging nodes or polyedra. Check with your support, for fixing this problem. Sorry for not being able to help you furthermore

mAx April 7, 2008 08:26

Re: export mesh to GAMBIT
Check if you can export the mesh in CGNS format. If yes, try to import it, into gambit (this is in case of hanging nodes (no polyedra))

manu April 8, 2008 07:33

Re: export mesh to GAMBIT
Yes it does contains polyedral cells... So in all the cases, thanks for the info. I'll look at the problem more deeply with the support

red lemon April 8, 2008 16:21

Re: export mesh to GAMBIT
Polyhedral or hanging node (eg adapted) meshes cannot be read back into TGrid or Gambit. Fluent case files can be read into Gambit (assuming neither of the above) by writing out case as unzipped and in ASCII format. Then use File>Read>Mesh in Gambit to read in mesh into Gambit and virtual geometry will be created from mesh (creates faceted geometry). You may be able to convert to real but this depends on the case. You can unadapt adapted meshes in Fluent back to original density before transfer but polyhedral meshes cannot be converted back so need to be saved before conversion (even based on skewness only changes or a tploy'd hexcore mesh).

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