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Gianni April 5, 2008 10:33

Incoherent problem table in hollow-fiber spinning
Hello everybody, I'm a prety new polyflow user, and I'm trying to model an hollow fiber spinning process. In an evolution and axysimmetric problem, there are two domains with a moving interface between them and a free surface as the fibre edge. The problem converges when the tasks are just the two I described, but when I try to add a mass-transfer task to the problem (on both the two domains to support the velocity field, due to the interface), the computation fails because of an "Incoherent problem table on Probl: Transport 2D Field: PRESSURE1". The mass-transfer should occur from the inner side of the fiber through the skin, as a cross-linking reaction is expected during the extrusion. In this stage of the modelling the two flow tasks are still both Newtonian and isothermal, the geometry is very simple and the simulation works without mass transfer I really don't know where's the problem.. Any idea?

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