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Peter April 7, 2008 06:35

Error: > (greater-than) invalid argument
Hi people,

I got something concerning this error message:

Error: > (greater-than) invalid argument (wrong type): not a number. Error Object nan

There has been a lot of discussion around this error message. Even in the FLUENT FAQ there is a subject over this. But the solution I found was not in the answers provided. Also in my cases the error message came out of the blue. But the answer to resolve this problems was just changing the compiler. After compiling in fluent with cc, I changed the makefile in the /libudf/src/ to icc. Afterwards cleaned in the /libudf folder and make again. Loading the library and running again made the error message disappear.

Hopefully this will help people in the futher.

Kind Regards,


EPW April 11, 2008 14:51

Re: Error: > (greater-than) invalid argument
The answer for you specific case is given above, but in "case" you didn't know, "Error: > (greater-than) invalid argument (wrong type): not a number. Error Object nan" is a general error message that can arise due to many different reasons that will not be resolved using your "technique"


Peter April 11, 2008 14:59

Re: Error: > (greater-than) invalid argument

Thanks for your "reply". But the "case" is that this error message "DID" resolve using an different compiler. Not saying that its "the" solution. But it is perhaps a good thing to "try" if you cant figure it "out"


EPW April 11, 2008 19:12

Re: Error: > (greater-than) invalid argument
"your welcome"

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