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sonal April 12, 2008 00:52

Gambit issue
Hi friends,

I am working on a combustion problem, I have a question for all the cfd experts.

While setting the boundary conditions in 3-d, when I create a face to define inlet velocity and pressure outlet, Do I need to create a volume,or can I go ahead with the only the face?

Actually I tried this, but when I exported the mesh file, it gave me error saying the last created faces are not meshed.

Pls help,


vijay April 12, 2008 01:43

Re: Gambit issue

U can use face itself, may be some were meshing must have gone wrong.... check that....

By, vijay

AAA April 12, 2008 20:40

Re: Gambit issue

In 3D, all intities of the domain must be parts of volumes. For 2D, all intities must be parts of faces. Otherwise, they won't be exported to Fluent.



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