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Saravanan April 12, 2008 15:34

Help Needed
I am new to FLUENT. Suppose if I want to simulate a Liquid flow over a channel for 1 min and calculate the heat fluxes over the region of the plate, how do I specify the time in FLUENT. What boundary type conditons should I specify at the start and the end of the channels?

AAA April 12, 2008 20:14

Re: Help Needed

For an unsteady simulation of 1 minute, you can specify a "time step size" of 1 sec and a "number of time steps" of 60 to get a time duration of one minute. For better resolution, try a "time step size" of 0.5 sec and a "number of time steps" of 120.

The BC at the inlet can be v-inlet, and P-outlet for the outlet.


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