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mazadeh April 16, 2008 16:50

"Shear layer" vs. "mixing layer"- Difference

Does anyone know what is the difference between a Shear Layer and a Mixing Layer?

Thanks, MAZ

Andrew April 18, 2008 09:53

Re: "Shear layer" vs. "mixing layer"- Difference
A mixing layer is a self-similar flow produced through the merging of two parallel streams. A shear layer is a more generalised category of flow where the statistical properties of the shear layer are not universally self-similar, i.e. flow behind a backward-facing step, jet shear layers, cavity flows, shear layer on a laminar separation bubble.

mazadeh April 18, 2008 14:46

Re: "Shear layer" vs. "mixing layer"- Difference
Thanks Andrew. However, I was thinking that a free jet shear layer is considered a mixing layer.

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